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Re: Bug#87124: shouldn't remove /var/state/apt if set in apt.conf

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, KORN Andras wrote:

> I think I managed it by copying the example apt.conf to /etc/apt and
> modifying it afterwards.

Yes, many people did this against my strict instructions. I knew this was
coming, you see..

> Perhaps you could just grep for /var/state, and if it occurs, ask the user
> if they need the symlink? Priority 'low'?

APT does not use debconf.
> I wrote some scripts that parsed apt's packagelists and needed symlinks that
> pointed to them; naturally, the transition broke this as well. Surely,
> leaving a symlink around in /var/state wouldn't hurt?

You should have used the apt-config tool rather than symlinks..

There are considerable technical problems with keeping that symlink it
turns out :<


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