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Unknown problem report Bug#57794 (Bug#57794: fixed in apt 0.5.0)

You sent a message to the Bug tracking system which gave (in the
Subject line or encoded into the recipient at bugs.debian.org),
the number of a nonexistent Bug report (#57794).

This may be because that Bug report has been resolved for more than 28
days, and the record of it has been expunged, or because you mistyped
the Bug report number.

Your message was dated Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:53:15 -0500 and was sent to
57794-done@bugs.debian.org.  It had
Message-ID <E14VfK7-0008Ap-00@auric.debian.org>
and Subject Bug#57794: fixed in apt 0.5.0.

It has been filed (under junk) but otherwise ignored.

Please consult your records to find the correct Bug report number, or
contact me, the system administrator, for assistance.

Darren Benham
(administrator, Debian Bugs database)

(NB: If you are a system administrator and have no idea what I am
talking about this indicates a serious mail system misconfiguration
somewhere.  Please contact me immediately.)

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