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RE: New Package I wrote for APT called APT-SOURCES

I am not positive but I have seen nothing out and most of the #linux'ers on
Undernet haven't heard of any such program. Besides, if the APT team doesn't
know about it and some very capable Debian users don't know about it then
how worthwhile is it? The point of this was to try to get you guys to
incorporate it into the APT package and for me to get some more experience
and headway.

Also, the author of Netselect has also never heard of a program to do what
this does.


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Subject: Re: New Package I wrote for APT called APT-SOURCES

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, messiah wrote:

> 	I have written a program to automatically generate a sources.list
> (/etc/apt/sources.list) by downloading an updated MIRROR list from the
> Debian website, parse the HTML a few times down to a usable file and then

Are you sure someone has not already done this? I seem to recall reading
about a similar scheme about the time netselect came out..


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