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If anyone is thinking of using the CVS aliencode branch for the next
little bit.. Don't :> It appears to work, but I just applied an 89k diff
to it.

This update shall be dubbed 'Modular APT' because it now has a bunch of
replacable components that can do all the various bits you want
replacable compoments to do - and should be really close to letting
Alfredo write a drop-in RPM module, but not entirely there.

Since I just love getting component reports, I added one:

auric{jgg}~/apt2/build/bin#./apt-get -v
apt 0.4.0 for sparc compiled on Oct  6 2000  01:14:22
Supported Modules:
*Ver: Standard .deb
*Pkg:  Debian dpkg interface (Priority 30)
 S.L: 'deb' Standard Debian binary tree
 S.L: 'deb-src' Standard Debian source tree

'Ver' is the versioning systems supported (how to compare version numbers
and evaluate dependencies) Pkg is the pkgSystem classes, they are
autoselecting based on the environment they are operating in, here you can
see that the DPKG one is '30' and has a * so it is the default.. The S.L's
are sources.list entries, only two right now.

I would ultimately like to see a Debian user be able to put an 'rpm-src'
type entry and able able to 'apt-get source' source RPMs..

There is also 1 other abstraction that is not yet shown above, the
IndexFile stuff, there are currently 3. 'Packages' 'Sources' and 'Status'
all in the Debian tag'd 822 style.

Oh, it is still remarkable source compatible, if you #define
APT_COMPATIBILITY. Read doc/libapt-pkg2_to_3.txt for a discussion of many
of the source compatibility changes.


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