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Re: apt questions

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Alfredo Kengi Kojima wrote:

> > Oh I see. For us the Replaces field does not indicate Obsolete packages,
> > just packages that can overwrite files.
> > 
> > Why does RPM fail when you try to install an obsolete package? What is the
> > logic going on inside?

> A real example is XFree86 and libxpm. In versions prior to
> XFree 4.0, libxpm was included in a separate package. Now, 
> it is part of the package, which means if you try to install
> libxpm in a system with XFree 4.0, rpm will fail with

Oh I see. In this case you definately need to either map obsoletes to
conflicts or create a new dependency type called obsoletes and update all
the code to treat it as a conflicts [probably best *cringe*].

> the XFree 4.0 package in a system with XFree 3.3.x and xpm
> installed, it will erase both the old XFree and the obsoleted
> xpm file.

This is what Replaces does in dpkg, it only does this. In Debian it is
policy to create both Replace and Conflicts entires when needed - this
sounds like what RPM bundles into Obsoletes? 


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