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Bug#66434: apt can't handle HTTP/1.0 redirects

Package: apt
Version: 0.3.19

Apt-get cannot handle http redirects (code 302 responses).
To reproduce: setup an apache, and configure it with a
"Redirect / http://some-debian-mirror/";
Mention this apache instead of the real site in sources.list,
and try to apt-get update.

I'd like to have this feature, so that i can temporarily
redirect users of my mirror to other sites, if the mirrored
data is ever unavailable.

For example, with a sources.list line:
deb http://debian.otenet.gr/debian potato main contrib non-free
(that site currently issues redirects),
i get errors such as:
Err http://debian.otenet.gr potato/main Packages
  302 Found
Ign http://debian.otenet.gr potato/main Release
Err http://debian.otenet.gr potato/contrib Packages
  302 Found
Ign http://debian.otenet.gr potato/contrib Release
Err http://debian.otenet.gr potato/non-free Packages
  302 Found
Ign http://debian.otenet.gr potato/non-free Release

Costas Tavernarakis

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