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Bug#62263: apt-get gives Perl error: Undefined values detected at confmodule startup

Package: apt
Version: 0.3.18

When trying to apt-get mmv, rsync, apt-move and apt-proxy, apt-get
output the error below. The packages however seem to have been installed
ok. I tried to reproduce the error (by doing a dpkg --purge on the
packages, and reinstalling them), but no succes: the error did not
occur again. A bit strange, all with all.

| Fetched 134kb in 1s (70.4kb/s)
| Configuring packages ...      
| debconf: Undefined values detected at confmodule startup! Please file a bug report, and include the stack trace below at /usr/lib/perl5/Debian/DebConf/ConfModule.pm line 37
| 	Debian::DebConf::ConfModule::startup('Debian::DebConf::ConfModule=HASH(0x82de4a0)', '/var/lib/debconf//config.3772', 'configure', undef) called at /usr/lib/perl5/Debian/DebConf/AutoSelect.pm line 53
| 	Debian::DebConf::AutoSelect::make_confmodule('/var/lib/debconf//config.3772', 'configure', undef) called at /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure line 126
| Use of uninitialized value at /usr/lib/perl5/Debian/DebConf/ConfModule.pm line 42.
| Use of uninitialized value at /usr/lib/perl5/5.005/IPC/Open3.pm line 188.
| Selecting previously deselected package rsync.
| (Reading database ... 61629 files and directories currently installed.)
| Unpacking rsync (from .../rsync_2.4.1-1_i386.deb) ...
| Selecting previously deselected package apt-proxy.
| Unpacking apt-proxy (from .../apt-proxy_0.4-3_all.deb) ...
| Selecting previously deselected package apt-move.
| Unpacking apt-move (from .../apt-move_3.0-13_i386.deb) ...
| Selecting previously deselected package mmv.
| Unpacking mmv (from .../mmv_1.01b-8.1_i386.deb) ...
| Setting up rsync (2.4.1-1) ...
| Setting up apt-proxy (0.4-3) ...
| Configuration file `/etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy.conf'
|  ==> File on system created by you or by a script.
|  ==> File also in package provided by package maintainer.
|    What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:
|     Y or I  : install the package maintainer's version
|     N or O  : keep your currently-installed version
|       D     : show the differences between the versions
|       Z     : background this process to examine the situation
|  The default action is to keep your current version.
| *** apt-proxy.conf (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N] ? 
| Setting up apt-move (3.0-13) ...
| Setting up mmv (1.01b-8.1) ...
| Package manager (dpkg) succeeded.
| Press enter to continue ...

System info:
up-to-date woody:
ii  apt            0.3.18         Advanced front-end for dpkg
ii  dpkg           1.6.12         Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  debconf        0.3.21         Debian configuration management system
ii  console-apt    0.7.7          Text-based user interface for APT
ii  libc6          2.1.3-8        GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libstdc++2.10  2.95.2-9       The GNU stdc++ library
ii  perl-5.004     5.004.05-6     Larry Wall's Practical Extracting and Report
ii  perl-5.004-bas 5.004.05-6     The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
ii  perl-5.005     5.005.03-7     Larry Wall's Practical Extracting and Report
ii  perl-5.005-bas 5.005.03-7     The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
ii  perl-base      5.004.05-1.1   Fake package assuring that one of the -base 


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