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Re: Bug#61418: installs perl-5.004 and docs unnecessarily

On 31 Mar 2000, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:

> on is perl | perl5.  As I have perl-5.005-base installed, I'd expect
> that perl-5.005 would get installed.  I most certainly wouldn't expect

Nope, apache depends on perl (or perl5, but that is irrelevent), perl
depends on perl-5.004 and per-5.004-doc. In the absence of other input the
policy guide says dpkg and things select the first item in an or group.

The reason it worked in dselect is because dselect also selected
perl-5.005 either because you told it to or something else
suggests/recommends on it. You can do the same with apt, just 'install
apache perl-5.005' and tada.


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