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Re: Bug#51529: apt: --no-download and --fix-missing

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

> On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Andy Mortimer wrote:
> > Specifying the --no-download option with the --fix-missing option doesn't
> > work very well, as apt doesn't seem to realize that it would have failed
> > to download the files which *are* missing had it tried ... this results
> > in a rather funny-looking error message (path file.deb is not absolute or
> > something).
> This is specifically documented in the man page, the two options are not
> asssured to work together!!

Where?!  All I could find was a note saying --fix-missing didn't work
with --fix-broken, but that wasn't what I tried!  In fact,
--no-download specifically suggests the use of --ignore-missing, which 
the manpage indicates is equivalent to --fix-missing ...

I enclose a cut-and-paste of the relevant section of the manpage, so
you can tell me I'm looking at the wrong bit! ;-)



Andy Mortimer                                 andy.mortimer@zetnet.co.uk
Andy walking, Andy tired,
Andy take a little snooze
    -- "Andy Warhol," David Bowie

       -m, --ignore-missing, --fix-missing
              Ignore  missing  packages;  If  packages  cannot be
              retrieved  or  fail  the  integrity   check   after
              retrieval  (corrupted  package  files),  hold  back
              those packages and handle the result. Use  of  this
              option  together  with  -f  may produce an error in
              some situations. Configuration  Item:  ignore-miss­

apt                         4 Dec 1998                          4

apt-get(8)                                             apt-get(8)

              Disables downloading of packages. This is best used
              with --ignore-missing to force APT to use only  the
              .debs it has already downloaded.

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