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RE: APT -- Hurd Building

> I thought Marcus had hurd compiling quite well? Can you be 
> more specific what the problems are?
Apt compiles quite well on Hurd.  The problem is that the
resulting executable does not work under http/ftp access.

The problems I have encountered to date center around the
socket logic used in the "connect" module of apt.  The Hurd
does not (yet) properly support the various socket option
arguments (getsockopt).  So I have attempted to work around
this by ignoring most return values (relating to option
not supported/not implemented, etc).

This seems to work (or at least the code passes this point)
but it still doesn't quite complete the connection -- it
times out with error.  I have inserted a bunch of printf's
in the code so I can watch what's happening, but it would
be (probably) more useful to use Apt's own internal debug
code since I'm sure these same issues were dealt with in
the initial implementation of Apt.



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