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Re: Bug#48784: compiling gnome-apt with recent potato (patch)

On Sat, 30 Oct 1999, Mike Touloumtzis wrote:

>     correct fixes (in particular, I'm not sure about the GetLock()

The GetLock bit is correct, but is unneeded, at least in CVS apt-pkg has
a default argument of 'true' to GetLock which is what the old non-flagged
version did. You should NOT need to explicitly add this, something is
seriously wrong if you did..

> (2) After running 'configure', change these lines in config.h:
> 	#define const
> 	#define inline
>     to these:
> 	#define const const
> 	#define inline inline

You must be kidding.. Bloody configure! That's really bad... No wonder
everyone thought things were messed up beyond belief

Otherwise, could someone involved with gnome-apt fix the autoconf
problems, patch and upload before the freeze? Otherwise it will be pulled.


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