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Re: Bug#41025: Upgrading pcmcia-cs when using ethernet card

On 9 Jul 1999, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:

> I depend on a PCMCIA ethernet card for my network connection.  When
> upgrading `pcmcia-cs' all PCMCIA services are (have to be?) shut down.
> This effectively cuts my network connection.  As a result, ftp-ing the
> package or accessing it on an remote file system is no longer possible
> and the upgrade fails miserably.

This is 'not our problem' if you are using network connectivity to install
packages and upgrading pcmcia breaks it then you should talk to the pcmica
people to get them to do something about it (maybe do as apache does)..
Messing up APT to support such a special case is not going to happen..

BTW, you can use a 'copy' URI to copy files around in download only mode..


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