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Re: apt/dselect unnice ness

> What version is this? It was changed at some point, it is definately right
> in 0.3.0

foo [~]$ dselect --version
Debian Linux `dselect' package handling frontend.
Version (i386 elf).  Copyright (C) 1994-1996 Ian Jackson.

>> If not root, it should simply say: You need to run this as root and kill the
>> rest of the errors.
> APTv3 can run quite well as non-root for a good degree of function so this
> is not an option.

But not the Install option, correct?  That is what I mean.  If user != root,
simply output -- "You must be root to do this".  I run dselect to see what a
pcakges name is and what not as non-root all the time.

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