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Re: gnome-apt

In foo.debian-deity, you wrote:
> On Feb 09, thomas.r.shemanske@dartmouth.edu decided to present us with:
> > 
> > Update failed.
> > The following errors may help:
> > The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/ftp could not be found.
> Shouldn't the package be rebuilt (maybe renumbered 0.3.1 or even
>, and some big obvious warnings added like "This release
> has no ftp method"? Perhaps in the "Description:" header,
> postinst, --help, and even when it runs? Or optionally add a
> fake ftp method that prints the warning and returns an error?

I recompiled apt 0.3.0 and posted it with gnome-apt because it had
features not present in the already-posted apt 0.3.0

Looking back, this was a bad idea to have another apt with the same
rev floating around.... but too late now.
I also should have put an ftp warning in the description, but... doh!

I hope that a 0.3.1 will be released soon, then I can have gnome-apt
depend on apt >= 0.3.1 and pull 0.3.0 from the directory housing


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