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RE: apt-get update failing

Thanks to Nils and Jason for the *really* fast replies ...

Just upgraded to apt_0.1.10 from potato - same problem.  Looks like there
are a few others out there seeing the same thing.

Dean Carpenter	deano@areyes.com			
94 TT :)		Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com

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On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 11:26:20AM -0500, Dean.Carpenter@pharma.com wrote:
> I have an slink machine trying to do an "apt-get update" via an
> autofs-mounted nfs directory mirror of ftp.us.debian.org on a remote
> machine.  (Got that ? :) I'm getting the following error ...
> fsmail:~# apt-get update
> Get file:/amnt/mirrors/debian/debian-non-US/ unstable/non-US Packages
> Get file:/amnt/mirrors/debian/ frozen/contrib Packages
> Get file:/amnt/mirrors/debian/ frozen/main Packages
> Get file:/amnt/mirrors/debian/ frozen/non-free Packages
> Get file:/amnt/mirrors/debian/ project/experimental/ Packages
> Fetched 600k in 0s (1640k/s)
> Updating package file cache...
> E: Line 3 in package file
> ges is too long.(2)
> fsmail:~#

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