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Re: Gnome-apt hmm

Previously Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > * The about-box is horribly out of date
> I need more details to fix this. 

Well, as far as I know Branden hasn't written any manpages, Ben isn't
mentioned as doing the packages and I'm not mentioned at all. More
things should probably be changes, but it's late and I can't think of
anything else right now.

> > * (import|export) packagelist don't work yet. They should be wrappers
> >   for dpkg --[gs]et-selections
> Should this be in apt-pkg?


> > * It might be more intuitive to make the details-pane dockable instead of
> >   having it both as a seperate window and in the main window
> Yes; my problem is that I don't like the way the dock works; the removed
> window does not have the right characteristics (not resizable, in
> particular). I am not going to rewrite a new dock widget just to fix this.
> So maybe a Gtk 1.4 feature.

Hmm. Anything we can do to pressure some people to implement this for a
new gtk?

> > * You shouldn't need to be root to start gnome-apt and look at the packages
> I don't think you have to be if you create a config file specifying an
> alternate location for the files.

True, but I think that it should be allowed to open the files read-only
if the lock fails. If something changes the files beneath us we don't
really care since we should have everything in memory already anyway.

> Perhaps apt-pkg should have a way to explicitly be placed in read-only
> mode; then gnome-apt could give user feedback to that effect.

Sounds good.

> > * You `Column Order' page in the Global Preferences is horribly
> > non-intuitive.
> This is a quick hack because I consider it an essential feature, and
> dragging is a major PITA to implement (although recent versions of the
> list widget may have it built in... let me look). Also I couldn't decide
> how I wanted it. I like your suggestion, esp. the up/down buttons.
> Anyway rest assured that it's not the final interface since I understand
> how to use it and still don't like it. 


> > * There should be a minimum amount of whitespace between column in the
> >   packagelist to keep it more readable
> I'm worried it would chew up valuable screen real estate. A pixel or two
> would be OK though?

Probably depends on the resolution, but I think you want a minimum of 5
pixels to prevent it from looking cluttered.
> > * You need to clip column in the packagelist: right now they can overlap
> >   (simple way to reproduce this: mark libc6 for deletion and the new
> >   text in the status-column will be replaced with a longer string that
> >   overlaps the next couple of columns)
> > 
> Oh, I see the problem. Thanks for the specific example. I'm not clipping
> the red GC I was using to draw broken packages. Non-red text is clipped,
> right?

Usually, yes. On a few occasions non-red text also wasn't clipped, but I
couldn't find a quick way to reproduce this. I'll try again tomorrow.

> > * The rectangles in the D/K/I columns are not very intuitive. I'm not sure
> >   that radio-buttons are the best solution either though.
> Can you think of any other options?

Not at the moment, otherwise I'ld would have suggested them. I'll get
back to you about that.

> > * It would be nice if you could mark the row that starts a group
> > (for example by giving it a grey background).
> That's an idea. You mean the folder rows, right?

Probably :)

> > * Clicking on a column header should change the sort order. Clicking on the
> >   header when the column is already the primary searchkey should invert the
> >   search-order for that key
> That's standard column header behavior isn't it. :-)

Indeed :)

> > * If I right-click on the columnheader I still get the option to
> > install/keep/ etc. something. This might be an effect of not
> > changeing the selected package on a right click; I think that is
> > more intuitive.
> Yes, the popup menu affects the selected package, not the package under
> the pointer. You're saying the selection should be changed before popping
> up the menu? 


> > * The Auto-flag isn't implemented yet
> Nope. I would like to add Download/installed size to the tree view, and
> make that a sort option too. Any other columns we want?

At this rate we're getting an awful lot of columns; I suggest we hide
the download and installed size columns by default to remove clutter.

> > * The sources dialog needs work
> Pester Jason, he invented the annoying-to-write-by-machine file format. 
> ;-) 

It looks quite easy to parse and write actually..

> > * For a program of this quality it might be nice to give it a nice
> >   splashscreen, featuring the new Debian-logo once we have chosen that.
> No problem, as soon as I get a picture I can just add it to the opening
> progress dialog.

Pester Tigert :)

> Man, I need the BTS here! I'm saving all these messages in a folder, soon
> I will collate them all and add them to the web site TODO list. I'm happy
> there's enough interest to send this volume of suggestions. :-)

Considering I haven't spent more then 5 minutes looking at gnome-apt
there is still a lot in the pipeline :). The next thing I intend to do
is figure out how to handle suggests/recommends/depends/conflict/etc.
properly. We want to make that less obtrusive then dselect, but without
withholding any informatino.


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