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Couple of packaging issues


Mitch brought up a couple of issues relating to packaging gnome-apt:

- The apt package doesn't include headers from apt-pkg/contrib, 
  in particular strutl.h which is used in the progress display.

- apt-pkg still returns an empty string for the package long description.
  I have a local fix for this on my disk, but Jason you said you were 
  going to do something special with it? Anyway, would it be possible
  to put in a  "return FindTag("Description")" for now so gnome-apt
  can put something in this field?

That's pretty much it. The other pressing issue is that the Gnome terminal
widget got busted (that's my story anyway), and the interaction with dpkg
doesn't work anymore. This widget is fairly complicated and I don't know
too much about terminals, so I'm having trouble finding the problem. 
So don't mail this bug to me as soon as you download the deb. ;-)


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