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RE: Bug#32140: Apt Segmentation fault

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999, Nick Holgate wrote:

> > > Interestingly, if I run apt-get from a shell within the 
> > 'screen' program the
> > > Seg fault problem does not occur.
> > 
> > How where you running it before? 
> >
> Bash on a serial console /dev/ttyS0. I have no display hardware just RS232.
> When I ran 'screen' it was also running on the same serial console.

Ooooohhhhhhh.. This is that weird console bug. For some reason APT on some
consoles (win 95 telnet, emacs 'shell in buffer' and perhaps others)
segfaults exactly like you describe on all archs. I really have idea what
is up :<

Could you do me a favor and send me the strace output for ls ? (it will be
large so again just send it to me not the list)


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