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Re: Bug#30237: apt: 0.1.9 checks dependencies against packages.gz

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998 grimaldi@debian.org wrote:

> Apt should check dependencies of installed packages against their
> respective dependencies and not against what is in the packages file.

Unfortunately this is not really reasonable. Adding the complexity of
having the same version of a package be possibly different is just too
much to deal with.

All packages with the same version number must be identically equivilant,
end of story.
> For now, I bypass this problem by building a "myapt" package (I only had
> to change one line in debian/rules for this) and installing this
> instead of "apt".

All you need to do is bump the version number to an NMU.

> P.S.: If I have got a /etc/apt/sources.list file: Will it be
> overwritten on first installation of apt?

If you changed the package name then yeah it will.

I really don't think this is something that can be considered an APT bug,
there is no acceptable alternative.


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