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Re: gnome-apt screenshot, more questions

Ok, I checked the code (specially infopanes.*). Will give more
attention to it tomorrow (when I plan to do some gdeb
development too).

On Nov 26, Havoc Pennington decided to present us with:
> I basically need this interface (look at infopanes.h):

I disagree. IMHO you need to get rid of infopanes.* and use a
(soon to exist) Gdeb object instead. :-) But let me perfect the
programming interface first. Will have something you can use by
around monday. And then of course I will still be able to change
the interfaces (user- and programming-) if you need it.

> The real work is to get from the Package* and Cache* to a bunch of
> strings;

I'm planning to do this inside Gdeb, by providing a constructor
that accepts these as the parameter.

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