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Re: deity-digest Digest V98 #20

Just a quick note:

I installed hamm base disks 2.0.5 then used apt 0.8 to do a dist-upgrade:
this flagged up problems with perl and suggested apt -f install - which 
worked perfectly to get perl and sort out dependencies.  I then used

dpkg --get-selections > myfile

cat myfile | dpkg --set-selections

to "clone" the setup on my other debian machine.

I'm currently using apt-get dselect-upgrade to download 60M of files:

IMHO apt is safe to use: I've also used autoup to upgrade this machine
on previous occasions: I think 0.8 is safe and OK.

I also like the way I can kill it with CTRL-C if I need to go off line
then restart from where I left off.  The GUI would be gorgeuous: that's
going to take work and can happily wait till 2.[12].

Just my 2 patacas / 0.02HK$


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