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Re: APT now has a ftp method

On 7 May 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:
> Jason> This is a bit more verbose than I intended methods to be, but
> Jason> that shouldn't be a problem.
> 	Well, there were no guidelines ;-). I used this as a means of
>  testing the code; one may comment out anything you feel is too much. 

I'll draw some up. Here is the general guidelines:
-  If the line will be the last line for some time that is large (> 1s)
  and unpredictable then it is suitable for an I line.
- If the line does not give any general information (file names, stuff
  that APT already knows) then it is suitable. Things like this are not
  suitable for L lines either.
- Basically lines should show protocol progress information only
Everything else should not be printed or perhaps printed with L for log.

> Jason> Also, the line 'getting /debian/README' should be changed to be
> Jason> 'Downloading' (this will cause the I line to not be
> Jason> shown). Similarly, if you are resuming a file then print out
> Jason> 'Resuming (size)'
> 	Should this be mentioned in the files.sgml document? Are there
>  any conventions about what should be printed after Downloading and
>  Resuming? At the momet, I am printing the remote path. Equally valid
>  would be the local file name. 

Yeah, this should go in that document. Printing Downloading and then the
paths violates the general guidelines.
> 	Well, let me know what you want left in. And, for future plug
>  in writers, maybe you should document that in files.sgml or summin.

Yep, I'll add some things to the documents.
> 	Oh, and where in the source tree should I place this file?
>  methods/ftp/ftp.pl? Or what?

methods/ftp/ftp, it has to be called 'ftp' for apt to be able to locate
it, once installed it will be placed in /usrl/lib/apt/methods/ftp


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