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Re: Bug#20931: apt uses PC graphics chars

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> I don't think this is a problem with APT but more of a slang bug. I assume
> other slang applications also do this? If so, I suggest you re-assign this
> to slang because I can't fix it without it's help.

Yes, other slang programs do this as well. Here's how to fix it:

Add a command line option ("--lowbit", maybe?). If it is set, run the
following after you call SLtt_get_terminfo() and before you call
SLang_init_tty() or SLsmg_init_smg():


AFAIK, this isn't documented anywhere, I had to find it out by corresponding
with the author of slang.

see shy jo, who has dealt with these sort of issues in pdmenu

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