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Re: Some new GUI stuff for deity

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> Ok, just a minor update.. I really havent had much time in this.. But I
> grabbed my ol' gimp and did some more stuff.
> 	http://tigert.gimp.org/debian/
> package.xpm and the [+] and [-] icons are new.

I love the packages icon, but prefer the older +/-, the roundy looking
ones, these are kinda bland.
> By the way, in what state is the x-interface of deity? I am sorry, but my
> time has been kinda limited so I decided to concentrate on the drawing
> instead of reading tons of email :)

Heh, It is getting there - can you make .xpm versions of them? 16x16 I
think is the size I was using, then I will plug them in and send you a
screen shot! [ I don't have enough disc space for gimp unfortunately]


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