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Re: It's working

On 3 Mar 1998 bruce@va.debian.org wrote:

> > Do we want to persue this? And do we want to persue this for 2.0?
> It will live in parallel with the old methods while it has different
> names from them, so I think it's OK to pursue on that basis. Certainly
> it would be nice if the FTP method always did the right thing.
> Will it keep you from any critical items of the user interface?

I will have to take a look at the dpkg manual to see exactly what a method
is expected to do, but to my knowledge, the [U]pdate command is directly
dpkg-get update and the [I]nstall command is almost directly dpkg-get
upgrade - the only difference is that it has to read a bit more into the
status field [respect remove and new-install], no big deal.

Some perl code to handle the setup of the sources.list file and viola! 

So, since I am not a perl person, anyone want to write a query script that
outputs lines of the format specified in the files.sgml document into
/etc/deity/sources.list? The other needed thing is a small perl script to
do FTP's (again, based on what files.sgml says). 

A lot of testing and debian 2.0 might have a safer install method.. If the
program was finished by next Monday and we got the cooperation of everyone
on debian-devel to test it at least once I think it might be workable to
include in the release.

At the very least it provides a way for people to test some very crucial
code on a broad scale. Come to think of it, that is the best reason to
develop this further than a test program - it allows the 2 most important
components (aquire and dependancy checking) to be tested in the real


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