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Deity Icons

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, ttac wrote:

> > Tigert, if you have any ideas for the icons, they are all in XPM format
> > 16x16 and right now there are ones for:
> > 
> > checkoff.xpm    downgrade.xpm   radiooff.xpm    suggests.xpm
> > checkon.xpm     minus.xpm       radioon.xpm     upgrade.xpm
> > conflicts.xpm   package.xpm     recommends.xpm
> > depends.xpm     plus.xpm        section.xpm

Ok, I have done some of those icons/buttons and they are located in


For now, they are in one big picture, one must separate them to use them.
The xcf-file there has guides that show the 'grid' so you can crop easily
(in case you have a recent gimp that has the crop-with-guides-and-crash
-bug fixed, you will see if it does... 0.99.16 atleast has)

I will separate those eventually into individual images and save as xpm
too, now this is just a quick 'indicator' for you to check out the current
situation :) We always want to know the latest news, don't we? 8^)

Take care,

Tuomas /tigert

yeah, this is my sig :)

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