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Re: Autoinstall, upgrade, etc

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > At the very least, an error message about this should be listed in the
> > status window, and in the install screen.  Something like "unresolvable
> > dependancy".
> >
> > I don't want dialog boxes popping up all over the place on errors, I
> > find that very irritating and it is generally considered bad UI style.
> >
> > The options that come to mind are:
> > 1) If a package cannot be upgraded due to a missing dependancy, then
> > gray out the "inst" button when you first draw the selection screen.
> > 2) If on clicking the "inst" button deity determines that there is a
> > missing dependency, beep, and show an error message in the status bar.
> > Which of these options would be easier to implement?
> Both :> I like the greying of the inst button. This might be fun because
> some packages still depend on the obsolete 'elf-x11r6' library. Deity will
> immediately mark these for removal and prevent you from installing them
> <hmmm, uh oh>

Don't forget that obsolete packages are not auto-deinstalled. They are
only marked as being obsolete.  It is up to the user to uninstall them.

Why would anything be marked for removal?  The only time things are
auto-removed is if nothing else depends on them any more (and if they
were originally auto-installed).

The only time I would suggest making it so you couldn't install a
package is if all the "Depends on" (as per the header) packages are not
available or being kept back to previous versions.  And then I would
also include an override.

I don't understand when your example would occur.

> Deity is going to be pretty agressive in ensuring that your system is the
> way it should be. Dselect only seemed to care when you performed an
> option, Deity knows right from the start if a package is incorrectly
> installed and will try to fix it (by removing it or installing something
> new).. This might be bad :>

I don't know how agressive deity is really.  In all cases deity should
be making informed choices and then letting the user review all those
choices before proceeding.

> Ah, the controll can ungrey the install box then. Or perhaps we could have
> a menu option to force install which will force it into the install or
> keep position.

Something like that.  I was thinking of moving a good "inst" button into
the status box, but anything like this will do, as long as it is a tiny
bit of a pain so people don't get in the habit of forcing things.

> There may be some issues here, it will be a bit before I can tell you what
> works nicest..

Fair enough.



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