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Bug#961132: lightdm: with the nvidia driver, lightdm suspends the system when locking or logging out

Control: forcemerge 961132 961124
Control: reassign 961132 lightdm 1.26.0-7
Control: retitle -1 lightdm: with the nvidia driver, lightdm suspends the system when locking or logging out

On 2020-05-20 15:58:11 +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Package: light-locker
> Version: 1.8.0-3
> Severity: important
> With the nvidia driver, light-locker suspends the system when locking.
> In the journalctl logs, I get a line like
> May 20 09:16:43 zira systemd-logind[785]: Suspending...
> and according to the systemd maintainer, this is light-locker's fault.
> This happens at lock time, thus immediately with --no-late-locking,
> and at the time of screensaver deactivation with --late-locking.
> Note: Until yesterday, IIRC, using --no-late-locking (at least) did
> not trigger a suspend, but the screen was unblanked after a few seconds
> (it remained black, but the DPMS state was no longer off, which defeats
> the purpose of the screensaver nowadays). So this may be related to
> some conditions.
> Moreover, after the resume, this puts the system in a bad state, and
> the X server (thus lightdm) no longer works (apparently, according to
> the lightdm Xorg logs, no screens found). I can switch to a VT, but
> the login prompt is shown only for a fraction of second, after which
> I just get a blinking cursor over a black screen.
> In case this matters, my xrandr configuration is
>   xrandr --output DP-3 --off \
>          --output DP-4 --auto --primary \
>          --output DP-5 --auto --right-of DP-4
> where DP-3 corresponds to the laptop screen. But this is no longer
> honored after the resume.

I eventually got rid of light-locker, so that there is no longer
any issue with the screensaver. But logging out also suspends the

Both locking and logging out trigger the lightdm login prompt,
so that I suppose that this is the same issue, and it was not
light-locker that was suspending the system, but lightdm.

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