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Re: Xfce 4.14

Sorry for the delay, I've backported missing packages from goodies and also pushed
buster-backports branches to https://salsa.debian.org/users/Valdaer/projects
(I can't create merge requests in the Xfce main repos because these are new
branches not meant to merge to existing ones). These were made from appropriate tags and as I've said earlier I hadn't need to made any changes/patches except
changelog entries generated by dch --bpo.

As a reminder backported packages are on debian.mentors here:

So I don't know what now, can you give me at least temporary push access for new branches in Xfce main repos? Or maybe one of you will push these branches from
https://salsa.debian.org/users/Valdaer/projects to
https://salsa.debian.org/xfce-team ?

Sławomir Wójcik

On 17.04.2020 10:12, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
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On Thu, 2020-04-16 at 10:05 +0300, Alexander Gerasiov wrote:
Hi, Slawomir.

I, personally, could sponsor uploads, but we need to get Ok from the
team, so we could communicate through salsa's repos
Hi Alexander and Slawomir and team,

that's great news. As you may have understdood, I'm quite overwhelmed these
days and can't really maintain an active workflow on Xfce, and especially not
on backports.

If someone wants to do it (or has already done it) it's great, but I'd prefer
it to be done inside the team so things can be shared. You should be able to
propose merge requests for the work you did and we can take a look (Unit 193 /
Mateusz could you take it?).

Something which would be really nice as well is to look at bugs affecting
Stable and try to see if they're fixed in unstable and in the backports.

Regards, and again thanks for your work!
On Wed, 15 Apr 2020 19:47:31 +0200
Sławomir Wójcik <valdaer@gmail.com> wrote:


Recently I've actually backported Xfce 4.14 packages to buster and
wrote a proposition on xfce mailing list here:
https://lists.debian.org/debian-xfce/2020/04/msg00030.html , the
packages are at debian.mentors:
https://mentors.debian.net/packages/uploader/valdaer%40gmail.com and
have been working great for me these few weeks. No one replied yet
probably because they didn't notice it I haven't address anyone
specifically only the mailing list. I can track the packages in
testing and periodically backport the new ones if someone from Xfce
team is willing to spent a tiny bit of time on
sponsoring/reuploading  these backported by me packages.

Sławomir Wójcik

On 13.04.2020 09:04, Alexander Gerasiov wrote:
Nicolas, there is only 4.14.0 in Debian right now, you should wait
for 4.14.2 for a month may be (less or more).

Folks, Yves-Alexis, what do you think about backporting 4.14 to
buster? By you team, or by some other maintainer?

On Mon, 13 Apr 2020 08:24:10 +0200 (CEST)
nicost@net-c.com wrote:
Dear developers and maintainers,

Since xfce 4.14.2 desktop seems to have reached its maturity, may
we hope to have it into Buster backports ?




- -- Yves-Alexis


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