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Bug#940996: lightdm: when resuming from ram, user desktop appears for 1sec before getting prompted for a password

> You can vt-switch to VT7 to check for yourself, but I'd assume it *is* locked
> (please report otherwise).
If I switch to VT7 once the ligthdm login screen has appeared, I get
to see my screen before suspend (desktop with the open applications,
and thus potentially sensitive data, but everything frozen).
I see it for 10 seconds, during which touchpad and keyboard are not
responsive ; then the lightdm login screen appears again.
I can repeat the process: if I do not login, I can still switch again
to VT7 and see my frozen desktop for 10 more seconds... pretty bad...
although not as bad as having the session wide open, I agree.

> Please also try the “late lock” settings and see if that makes a difference.
Where/how can I play with this setting?

I did some other experiments:
- if I do [xfce4-session-logout -u] so that I get the login screen,
then switch to VT7, I see my desktop for a very brief amount of time
(much less than the second from my initial bug-report, but still, I
could imagine taking a picture of it), then I see white text on a
black background saying (in french) "this session is locked, you'll be
redirected in a moment", and I get the login screen after 10secs. If I
try again to switch to VT7 I get the white text directly (without
first seeing my desktop anymore)

- if I do [ligth-locker-command -l] then I get a black screen and I
need to switch to VT1 and then to VT8 to get the login screen. If I
switch to VT7 I get the white text on black background without seeing
my desktop. (That I need to switch first to VT1 is a bug that was
apparently already reported against light-locker.)


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