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Bug#940126: Window Buttons aka tasklist no longer works with dual monitors

Package: xfce4-panel
Version: 4.14.0-1

WindowButtoms aka tasklist is no longer able to group windows by title and

I have a dual monitor setup, with a panel containing an instance of tasklist
on each monitor.

In all previous versions of tasklist, if I moved a window (say Firefox) from
one window to another, I'd get a button for that window on THAT monitor.  Same
if I started a new window on that monitor.  In short, it worked.

Now, if I check the "Show Windows from All Monitors" option in WindowButtons
prefs dialog, **all** windows for a given app are grouped on the tasklist in
my primary monitor.

If I uncheck that option, they just disappear from the tasklist - they DO NOT
appear on the tasklist on the secondary monitor.

In no case do I ever get a button for any app on the tasklist on the second
monitor.  The second instance of tasklist is useless.

So, I have a choice of having all buttons grouped on the primary monitor, or
having the buttons for some windows just vanish entirely.


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