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Bug#913062: light-locker: impossible to unlock: black screen, then the lightdm prompt again

found 913062 1.8.0-3

I also experience this problem.  It is intermittent, making it difficult
to reproduce, and it may or may not depend on specific hardware.

Switching to a VT and killing the light-locker process restores control
of the locked X session, _until_ the next time the XFCE attempts to lock
the screen, at which point the X session displays only a totally red
screen and is again completely unresponsive.  There is no light-locker
process running at that point.  At this point, the only way out of the
situation is to restart lightdm (or reboot).

A workaround is to simply not use light-locker.  I have not had this
issue since switching to xscreensaver.

Chris Howie

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