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Bug#939133: Window Buttons numbering of windows is now tiny and unreadable

Package: xfce4
Version: 4.14

I upgraded to this version just now and when the panel restarted, the Window
Buttons applet started displaying the number of windows for grouped windows in
a tiny white font in a tiny black circle overlaid on the bottom-right corner
of the button's icon.

This is just barely legible for single digit numbers. it is cropped and
unreadable for 2+ digits (i routinely have 30 or 40 or more firefox and/or
chromium windows open at a time. and a dozen or more qpdfview or okular

Before this upgrade, it was just a parenthised number (e.g. "(30)") after the
button name. this was readable and useful.

I have no objection to this as an option for those who want it, but there
really needs to be an option to revert to the previous display behaviour.

please forward this bug report to upstream.


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