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Bug#935194: xfce4-session: Xfce session fails to start when previously logged into GNOME

Hi Yves-Alexis

> I don't use GNOME and am not at all knowledgeable in systemctl “user”
> session.

To be able to reproduce, analyze or even fix this issue it would be good
if you install GNOME in parallel to Xfce.

> In any case, that commands reports nothing in my Xfce session.

Yes, as I said, Xfce doesn't set the variable SESSION_MANAGER (at least
not in the systemd manager environment block, only in the standard user

> I don't really understand how it's possible. A new Xsession should be run
> every time there's a new cycle. How can the environnement could be
> preserved?

I think this is a feature of systemd. I only found some sparse infos in
the manpage. See here:
https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemctl.html (search
for Environment Commands).

> SESSION_MANAGER is definitely set here:
> printenv |grep SESSION_MANAGER
> SESSION_MANAGER=local/scapa:@/tmp/.ICE-unix/32176,unix/scapa:/tmp/.ICE-
> unix/32176
> (32176 is the pid of the currently running xfce4-session process).

Yes, the variable is set in the standard user environment, but (as I
said above) not in the systemd manager environment block which is
persistent across logins.



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