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Bug#934105: xfdesktop4: xfdesktop crashes and coredump when upgrading

Thanks again Bernhard!

> As I could not get it crashing by just doing upgrades, I tried to
> inspect a running process and got into a source file named "screen.c"
> and functions related to screen resolution. Then I tried to change
> resolution and the xfdesktop got into a similar backtrace still without
> crashing. Therefore I asked if your processes would crash, if you
> try changing the resolution.

No, I don't think it had anything to do with changing resolution. I
tried changing my original resolution to several others, 1680*1050,
1600*1024 and 1400*1050, none of them caused a coredump.

> I found a similar report was reported by another user in
>     https://bugs.debian.org/933202

Seems like what I am experincing. I'll keep an eye on it.

Kind regards,

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