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Here is a brief discussion surrounding xfce4-screensaver from 2018-10-17
on #debian-xfce on freenode:

08:55 < highvoltage> hey, I don't have access to create a new
repository, can someone please create a new repo for me on salsa under
xfce-team for xfce-screensaver?
08:56 < Unit193> xfce4-screensaver*
09:07 < Unit193> highvoltage: Have something pushed somewhere yet?
09:14 < highvoltage> Unit193: not yet, busy with initial packaging and
testing right now
10:14 < Corsac> highvoltage: not sure we agreed about packaging it, actually
10:21 < highvoltage> Corsac: I should probably have mentioned in the ITP
that I intend to upload it to experimental only for now, sounds reasonable?
10:26 < highvoltage> (otherwise let me know if it shouldn't be
team-maintained and I'll keep it in my personal salsa namespace instead)
10:26 < Unit193> If it shouldn't be team maintained, you can still put
it in -extras
10:47 < Corsac> highvoltage: since it's an Xfce project I'd like it
discussed with the Xfce team
10:48 < Corsac> highvoltage: having randomly maintained Xfce-related
packages outside of xfce-team umbrella doesn't really like acceptable to me
10:48 < Corsac> and screensavers have specific security issues and we
really need to pay attention
10:49 < Corsac> also we already have light-locker
10:49 < Corsac> while it may have some problems, rewriting again a
screensaver from scratch doesn't really look appealing
10:49 < Unit193> Which seems buggy as all get out, I still use
xscreensaver because it's far better.
10:50 < Unit193> Corsac: mate-screensaver fork, fwiw.  Not quite
scratch, just stripped down.
10:50 < Corsac> if LL is not deemed acceptable, then maybe we should
ditch it, but that doesn't mean we need yet another screensaver
10:50 < Corsac> considering xscreensaver upstream hostility, I'm vetoing
its use in Xfce default installs
10:50 < Corsac> but there are other lockers already in Debian
10:51 < Corsac> in any case, I don't have time right now to have this
discussion, but we need to have it
10:51 < Corsac> maybe on the mailing list
10:52 < Unit193> I'd also be interested in what "Xfce-related packages
outside of xfce-team umbrella doesn't really like acceptable to me"
precisely means, since I think I may already be doing that. :/
10:55 < Unit193> (Also I entirely understand about xscreensaver, wasn't
really proposing it.  It's just the least bad option for me personally.)
10:58 < highvoltage> Corsac: acknowledged (re: needing discussion)

So as far as I understand the issues from Corsac:

 * xfce4-screensaver isn't a product of the upstream xfce team
 * there's a concern about maintaining a security sensitive package
   in the xfce-team, especially considering that there is already light

In intend to support xfce in some environments where Gnome has proven to
heavy, and in my testing, light-locker has been either buggy or caused
confusion. I intend to use it in my deployments instead of light-locker.

Ideally, I would want to have this piece of software in Debian.

If the debian-xfce team do not want this package team-maintained, I can
completely understand that. In that case I'll go ahead and maintain it
under the collaborative debian namespace on salsa.



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