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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#748249: gnome-shell: Unable to shutdown


So some clarifications.

IMVHO Massimo's initial bug report is related to the fact that lightdm
is not registering a logind session for the user. This is causing
policykit to deny the shutdown action.

gdm3 had a somehow similar bug that was caused by a race condition with
the activation of logind when not using systemd as PID1. This bug is
now fixed in unstable and experimental by forcing the activation of
logind [1], note that this is only working for systemd 204,
systemd-shim will have to deal with that for 204+

Back to lightdm, the fact that there is no logind session registered
/might/ also be caused by the same issue but I don't know enough
lightdm and did't tried to troubleshoot this.


Laurent Bigonville


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