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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#702062: Bug#702062: Xarchiver isn't needed to reproduce this bug

El lun, 4 mar 2013 a las 20:28 horas
Lili-Anne Girard escribi?:

>2013/3/4 Manolo D?az <diaz.manolo at gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> Using squeeze instead of xarchiver I can still reproduce this bug. The
>> desktop freezes again.
>> Best regards,
>> --
>> Manolo D?az
>I just tried to open the same rar password protected archive with
>squeeze and xarchiver in thunar. Squeeze just show a busy cursor than
>crash with a segfault message in /var/log/kern.log without freezing
>the desktop, xarchiver freezes the whole desktop with no error message

It's obvious we are not seeing the same and I wonder what makes the

>I then tried to open the same rar archive from a xfce4-terminal
>window, squeeze crashed with a segfault error message and xarchiver
>has completely frozen without freezing the entire desktop (this
>time...). So my guess is that the bug with squeeze is completely

Xarchiver has a bug. I've seen xarchiver using 100% of a core. But it's
confirmed by the maintainer. So I'm not worried about that.

>Then I copied /usr/share/applications/xarchiver.desktop on the desktop
>and launched xarchiver from there to open the same rar password
>protected archive and xarchiver freezes the desktop again. I tried the
>same with a launcher on xfce4-panel and with xfce4-appfinder and of
>course, the desktop freezes again.
>So, is it a bug on thunar, xfdesktop4, xfce4-panel, xfce4-appfinder,
>xfce4-terminal or xarchiver?

I've made some tests myself too. Ive realized that not always freezes
using thunar (running X directly, thunar and squeeze or xarchiver) but
always it freezes thunar is involved.

>Please don't take it personal. I am only a user who tries to
>investigate because I do not understand how this could be a bug of
>thunar itself. And I'll stop my tests here, I'm a little tired to
>restart my computer every time because it is impossible to kill
>xarchiver or rar from a TTY.

Don't worry, I'm a bit tired of testing too. I can kill xarchiver from
a tty if I do a merciless and wild kill (sigkill, 9), but that doesn't
return the control of the desktop when is freezed. I must kill the X
session for that, but I don't need to restart the computer.


Kind regards,
Manolo D?az

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