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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#654468: Bug#645191: update on waf binary data

On ven., 2012-03-23 at 23:39 +0100, Carsten Hey wrote:
> I think we should drop ftpmaster from CC in further mails.

Maybe, since they don't seem to care about this. But considering they
decided to forbid waf, I think they should at least pay attention on how
people is trying to cope with their (imho bad) decision.

> The above was based on the assumption that these two two byte sequences
> are always the same because they can not occur in bzip2 compressed data
> for whatever reason.  This assumption was wrong, waf creates the
> .tar.bz2 and then tries all possible two byte sequences until if finds
> some that do not occur in the .tar.bz2 and then sets the variables C1
> and C2 in the python waf template to these values.  If we would do this
> in sed and co. we would need to parse python, which doesn't seem to be
> an option.

Well, parsing python might not be an option, but what about:

egrep -a "^C[1|2]='..'" waf

> > > http://bugs.debian.org/660193 (search for the string waf) contains
> > > snippets, based on what Tolimar pointed to in his mail, you just need to
> > > paste into the midori package and some additional notes.  The remaining
> > > part is IMHO to document this in README.source.  One thing I forgot to
> > > mention in my mail to #660193 is that the reason to remove the blob from
> > > the used waf script is to ensure that the unpacked waf source is used.
> >
> > Well, in midori diff, I repack and ensure the new one and the old ones
> > are the same to be sure I don't do anything bad. Now indeed it could be
> > split in two parts, one run by maintainer, which would then hack in the
> > waf sources themeselves, and one at build time, which would pick the
> > extracted sources and make a new waf script.
> My point of all this was to provide an easy way to change the source
> code, but this can't be accomplished.  You provided a way to extract the
> source to be able to review it, but not to change it.
> > And changing the way waf is used at built time is not supported and
> > might fail in bad ways too, so it's not really helpful to do things
> > *against* what advised by waf upstream.
> Users might not be advised to use an extracted source, but "#devs use
> $WAFDIR" (this is a comment in the waf script shipped in midori), so
> using the extracted wafadmin directory isn't unsupported at all.
> $WAFDIR is the directory in which the extracted wafadmin directory is
> found.

Well, when needed because we need to patch the build script (like for
the hppa issue) we can do that. In the usual case, don't touch it (and
don't break it).

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