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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#646773: Bug#646773: Bug#646773: xfce4-volumed: Xfce volume daemon stops working when NumLock is on

> Ok, that looks good. I can't reproduce in sid, though, so if the bug is
> indeed in xfce4-volumed it looks like it has been fixed in 0.1.13. It'd
> help if you could try that version somehow.

Ok, no problem. I'm glad to help with finding where the problem is.

After installing Wheezy from the latest netinst image, I can confirm that  
the problem can't be reproduced in the testing branch (which has  
xfce4-volumed 0.1.13-2+b1 according to dpkg).

So it seems that this package is broken in Squeeze (but not in testing).

Would it possible to fix this in a Squeeze point release? And if it's not,  
are there any plans to provide the latest Xfce for Squeeze through  
backports, like it happened during the Etch and Lenny life cycles?

Thanks for your time and help with this!

> Regards,

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