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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Typo in Login prompt requires reboot?

Minor usability issue.

I have a couple of users who wind up staring at the password prompt 
unable to login no matter how many times they type the password -- with 
extreme care.

It looks as though they're mis-typing the user name. Once they've 
proceeded to the password prompt, there's no way for them to get logged 
in -- other than restarting the system. (One of these people habitually 
uses the CapsLock key all of the time, and was reporting failure to log 
in from a remote location that fooled me into temporarily thinking that 
an i386 system was experiencing the same failure to log in as an AMD64 
system that had a *real* problem.)

This issue is made slightly more disconcerting when the "X" cursor is so 
slow to show itself. Sometimes it seems that one has to really move the 
mouse around a lot before that cursor appears so that they can click on 
the Suspend / Hibernate / Restart / Shutdown selector button.

I've looked under /etc/lightdm and experimented by fiddling with the 
greeter-hide-users line, but I didn't get the results I expected there.

I'm wondering if:
a) this behavior was intended, and
b) there's a way to change it.

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