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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#568762: Bug#568762: mousepad: modal window prevents quitting

retitle 568762 don?t use modal windows for about dialogs and friends

> My viewpoint was that it was the purpose of modal dialog. So not, it's
> not a bug, it's a feature, it was intended like this. Now if you
> disagree about the use of modal windows, it's another thing. I don't
> exactly like the modal windows, but tbh I could care more about this. I
> have quite some other stuff to care about, and I know mousepad stable
> isn't much maintained. There's a development branch being maintained, so
> maybe there's something to do there, but unless you provide a patch or
> deal with this upstream, I'm not sure it'll happen.
Fair enough. I see that many GTK apps don?t use modal windows for About 
or other dialogs, and as a user I think it?s a Good Thing?. Would you be 
so kind as to open a bug on upstream?s bugzilla to ask for this? Or is 
it already changed in the dev branch?

> Sorry but we're not much dealing with Xfce package and I prefer focus on
> more important stuff.
I?m perfectly ok with that. Thanks for your work.


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