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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#564537: Bug#564537: thunar: hides extensions from filenames, in templates menu


 >> When Thunar displays the ?Create a document? submenu,
 >> listing files from XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR, the whole name isn?t
 >> displayed. It is a concern if there are files with the same base
 >> name, e.g setup.py and setup.cfg, document.odt and
 >> document (plain text, without extension), etc.
 >> [...]
 > Afaik the correct way to recognize templates is to name them
 >differently, but I'll ask that too.

My point is that ?something? and ?something.odt? indeed are different 
names. The rest of the desktop environment and the whole operating 
system handle them as different file names, thus this submenu should do 
the same.

Thanks for forwarding the bug :)



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