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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#483070: Bug#483070: xfdesktop4: black screen after openarena quits

Yves-Alexis Perez a ?crit :
> On lun, 2008-05-26 at 22:48 +0200, Jeremy Lal wrote:
>> Package: xfdesktop4
>> Version: 4.4.2-7
>> Severity: normal
>> Hi,
>> i'm fond of xfce AND openarena, and since latest debian version 
>> (4.4.2-7),
>> screen stays black when i exit openarena.
>> How to reproduce : launch openarena, then quit.
>> Symptoms : 
>> - black screen
>> - mouse cursor visible
>> - right-click shows xfce menu, but without background refresh
>> - panels react, but are invisible and launched apps are not visible 
>> either
>> - when disconnecting x session, black screen disappears and for a split 
>> second windows are visible, just before x shuts down.
>> It seems that bug is triggered with by a recent xfdesktop4 update, but i 
>> could be wrong. I guess it's not an openarena bug, because it is not 
>> triggered with gnome or kde sessions.
> I don't think it's xfdesktop4 related, maybe more xfwm4. Do you use
> compositing? In case not, is it disabled in xorg.conf? What driver do
> you use?
>> I have trouble reverting to previous xfdesktop4 unstable package, is 
>> there a way to get it, or to get the corresponding source package ? (i 
>> emptied my package cache since then).
> Try on snapshot.debian.net
> Cheers,

You're right : reverting to xfdesktop4 doesn't fix the issue.
I also tried reverting to previous xorg-server-video-intel version, no success.
Instead, disabling the xfwm4 option : (translated from french) : 
"Direct drawing of full screen windows"
fixes the issue.
Which is coherent, because openarena is full screen...
But what is not is that for ex. Stellarium is full screen and doesn't trigger the bug.
How to assign that bug to xfwm4 ? should i open a new one ?

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