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[Pkg-xfce-devel] xfdesktop4 mem leak - still

i just installed the 4.4.2-7 version of xfdesktop4 - i understand that
you are aware of the mem leak, which seems to be somewhat
difficult to find - at least that's what the #xfce channel on freenode
opiniates about the leak, saying that it seems to be debian specific.
well, 4.4.2-7 still leaks. sorry, didn't look at the source yet - but i
reckon, if the leak is difficult to find, it may be because of not
knowing how to trigger it. well, that part is easy and very predictable:
configure to show a backdrop image (wallpaper), then just reload it
frequently, by executing  xfdesktop4.  each execution soups up another
1..2 megabytes, depending on the resolution. seems like the buffer used
to hold the backdrop  gets allocated new, and the previous one not
freed. sorry for not checking the BTS, and hope that helps. 

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