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[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#481277: Bug#481277: exo-utils: exo-open doesn't like constant parameters for WebBrowser

On mar, 2008-05-13 at 11:08 -0400, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Using a commandline like sudo -u iceweasel-user iceweasel "%s" as the
> preferred application for the the web browser confused exo-open.
> exo-open tried to execute just sudo (as detected by replacing sudo
> with echo and running from terminal), which doesn't work.  Other uses
> of preferred applications seem to be okay with this though (like the
> help browser).  It breaks the default web browser icon on the panel
> though.

I don't really get it (at least I don't get the subject at all).

Here if I try to use sudo, it ?works?, but I don't have a chance to
enter my password. Using ktsuss, it works correctly.

What's the problem?

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