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Bug#316635: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#316635: Fwd: Re: xfce4-mcs-manager: Resolution settings not accessible through Display

> Hi Cyril
Hi Clive

> Thanks for the offer; I'm copying this into the BTS as I guess it ought
> to be tracked.
Why not. I was thinking of a sum up after a few mails :-)

> It was after I switched to sid sources, a few months back that the
> problem arose and not only did I lose the means to switch resolutions
> but I lost 1280X800 (it reverted to 1280X960).  Only when I switched
> to xorg did I recover the correct resolution but the xfce4 bug persisted.
Then we've got 2 bugs, 1 concerning XFree, 1 concerning Xfce4. Haven't we?

> Sorry but I had trouble creating  a snapshot; I don't particularly want
> to install gnome and 
No problem.

> $ xwd | convert - /tmp/snapshot.png
> bash: convert: command not found
I forgot to say that convert is part of the imagemagick package.
> I'll dig around and try to send one later but my previous mail describes
> what I see.
Ok, but a screenshot seems important to me, that helps "visualizing" the

Do you think you could try a non-official package of mine, printing
various debug informations? (I'm NOT a Debian Developer, then it IS
dangerous; but maybe you can trust my "devotion" to Debian and my work
to patch the bugs of Xfce [1].)

Your mail was worth the BTS. Next one could be private, we'll sum up all
informations every time we find something interesting. Do you agree?

See you

Cyril Brulebois

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