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Bug#980608: renderdoc autorm


The renderdoc package was marked with autorm based on this bug.

The issue arose because glslang 11.1.0-1 was uploaded to unstable.

I therefore released renderdoc 1.11+dfsg-5 which fixed the
compatibility issue with glslang 11.

Unfortunately, I then found out that glslang 11 was actually blocked
from migrating to testing because of an autopkgtest failure.

Timo released glslang 11.1.0-2 which we thought would fix the
autopkgtest failure. Unfortunately, it still did not fix it.

I reproduced this autopkgtest failure with glslang, and I think I have
a fix for it here:


My concern now is that the renderdoc package only has 5 days left in
the autorm countdown.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can prevent renderdoc from being
removed from testing?

Thanks for your time,


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