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Bug#672231: xserver-xorg-core: bluetooth keyboard has wrong layout on X start until internal keyboard used (udev)

Wouter Van Hemel <wouter-debian@publica.duodecim.org> (09/05/2012):
> Bluetooth keyboards don't follow the default xkb setting, probably due
> to a worries with udev rule triggers.
> When KDM starts, my laptop's internal keyboard is set correctly to
> Finnish layout via /etc/default/keyboard and the udev rule. The
> bluetooth keyboard is set to the (presumably default) en-US layout as
> the keys show up wrong in the username/password field. When I push a
> key on my internal keyboard, the bluetooth keyboard changes layout to
> Finnish.
> I'm guessing this might have something to do with bluetooth vs. input
> subsystem rules, although I don't understand how typing something on
> my internal keyboard switches the bluetooth keyboard's layout.
> I expect bluetooth keyboards to act like other keyboards and follow
> the default Debian configuration; at least the layout switching when
> using the other keyboard seems like a bug.

Check your X log, look for “xkb_”. In the one attached by reportbug, I
only see “"xkb_layout" "fi”. What's reported there comes from the XKB*
properties attached to the devices reported by udev (see the “udev
information” part of your bug report). AFAICT, everything looks set
to Finnish.

For some reasons, “(EE) Error loading keymap /var/lib/xkb/server-0.xkm”
appear several times in your X log. That might be related to your


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