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Bug#664012: Mean blur snapshot


As I told Sven, the snapshots from the site I formerly mentioned
didn't had that much blur when read on a machine with a radeon.

However, this one taken from a PHP editor screen is terrible on
either machines: letters are growingly shifting right, just like a TV
analog echo - I'm unable to work with such a display.

I also attached the former 2 snapshots, just in case.

snapshot_drv_nouveau_geforce3_ti_200.png    <= Taken from machine w/ nouveau
snapshot_drv_radeon_ati_radeon_9100_igp.png <= The same, taken from machine w/ radeon

snapshot_fusonpbx_web_editor.png            <= New one from machine w/ nouveau

If it's not one thing, it's a mother.

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Attachment: snapshot_drv_radeon_ati_radeon_9100_igp.png
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